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Pencil, called “the best iPad stylus” by Wired and The Verge, is about to get better. Today we’re excited to announce Surface Pressure, a new feature that uses Pencil’s uniquely-designed tip. Surface Pressure comes to Pencil with the release of iOS 8 this Fall.

Same Pencil, More Expressive

Pencil’s tapered tip was inspired by the expressive richness of real pencil points, which allow creators to change the character of the line with the angle of the tip. With Surface Pressure you’ll be able to control the lines you create based on how much of Pencil’s tip or eraser is in contact with your iPad. Use the point for fine details or the angled edge for broad strokes. Surface Pressure unlocks new capabilities for each of Paper's toolsfill faster as you draw, shade as you sketch, or carve away in varying widths as you erase.

Stay in the flow and change drawing styles simply by changing the way you hold Pencilno stopping to fuss with the settings menu. This new feature is unique to Pencil and will be unlocked for all existing Pencil users with an update to Paper this Fall.

Commitment to Customers Old and New

We’re committed to always improving the products we build—not only for new creators, but for everyone who’ve been with us since day one. Pencil launched last November with palm rejection, flip-to-erase, and blend as core features. Surface Pressure builds on Pencil’s simplicity by unlocking a new spectrum of expressive possibilities.

Surface Pressure will come as a free software upgrade to the original Pencil this Fall with the release of iOS 8. U.S. and Canada customers can buy Pencil now on our online Store and on Amazon. We’re working hard to bring Pencil to international customers, too. Sign up to be notified when it’s available near you.

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