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Today we’re announcing a new product with a whole new way to share your ideas. Bring your ideas to life with a beautiful, custom-printed Book, created right from within Paper. FiftyThree and Moleskine, maker of the legendary notebook, bring you a new format designed uniquely for Paper. Book is a 15-page foldout of your sketches on sustainable matte paper, with the choice of your own custom cover or a classic hardcover. Book is the simplest and most beautiful way to share your ideas with others.

We believe we’ve built the easiest print-on-demand publishing with the same dedication to simplicity we put in Paper. Book is a new format, created by Moleskine exclusively for Paper, with pages designed to match the iPad’s 4:3 aspect ratio. There is no need to resize pages, and your journal’s cover art becomes the cover of the book. Place an order and you’re just a couple of weeks away from having a custom-printed Book in your hands.

On top of that, Book is amazingly beautiful. Every Book is assembled by hand. Paper creators can choose 15 pages to print on FSC-certified sustainable matte paper. Both the customized cover and the hardcover Moleskine versions are available for $40 (USD), and can be purchased and shipped internationally.

We hope you’ll try making a Book. They’re perfect for sharing conference notes, design sketches, trips abroad, storyboards, inspiration—and the first person who uses one in a marriage proposal will get a special present from us (and a special place in our hearts).

The best part of building a tool is seeing what amazing ideas it inspires. So, you know, surprise us.

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    Meet Book, a FiftyThree collaboration with Moleskine.
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