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In early January, FiftyThree teamed up with Women’s Wear Daily at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit to help capture the ideas shared by thought leaders of the fashion industry. Over two days, we told the stories presented through live sketches, notes and illustrations, creating a visual record of the insights from speakers and guests like Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld.

To commemorate the occasion, FiftyThree partnered with Moleskine + MILK to print a special edition book containing highlights captured in Paper.

imageTogether with our partners we celebrated new ideas, taking them from presentation to page in four stages. We communicated our learnings through live sketches, which were summarized at the conference by FiftyThree co-founders Georg Petschnigg and Andrew Allen to illustrate key takeaways.

imageTo open the exclusive event to a wider audience, we made a dedicated Tumblr site to display the sketches online. The site features Paper Stacks, a theme we specially designed with ALLDAYEVERYDAY to showcase your creations. 

imageAfter the Summit, each attendee received a copy of the journal as a keepsake.

At FiftyThree, we strive to enable creativity by making tools that are beautiful, simple and intuitive to use, and by collaborating with partners who also endeavor to remove barriers to creation. We’re excited to cross the boundary between physical and digital journals in our first collaboration with Moleskine + MILK.

To see the collection of live sketches in its entirety, visit wwdonpaper.fiftythree.com. Make your own photo book with Moleskine + MILK at moleskinephotobooks.com.

Journal photographs by Emilie Baltz

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